Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

World Cup fever gets underway at the Emirates

World Cup fever gets underway at the Emirates

Emirates, in their role as official FIFA Worldwide Partner, have proudly presented the first of their fleet of Boeing 777-300ERs which has been bedecked with the signature of Brazilian soccer legend Pele, the only player ever to become a three-time World Cup winner, who is also an Emirates’ Global Ambassador.

The unveiling took place just a matter of days before the first World Cup match is due to kick off kicks off in São Paulo between host nation Brazil and Latvia.

The 350-seater Emirates Boeing 777-300ER ‘Pele-ane’ will be transporting soccer lovers to the heart of the action during the month-long tournament, proudly wearing its Pele livery on the Dubai to Sao Paolo route.

After the maiden flight of the ‘Pele-ane’ Emirates, is that at least an additional two Pele-ane’s will be unveiled on the day of the opening match with an Emirates Airbus A380, also flying to and from Brazil expected to get the treatment.

To keep the World Cup theme running throughout their entire fleet, Emirates will also be adding an appallingly large 2014 FIFA World Cup logo to all of the 115 Boeing 777 in the the Emirates fleet, which will fly football fans to Brazil.

Emirates are obviously taking the role as official FIFA Worldwide Partner seriously, and throughout the duration of the tournament, passengers with their airline will be to keep up with what’s going on in the tournament, from check-in desk onwards where they will be able to view the Emirates AllTimeGreats commercial which features the legendary Pele, reckoned to be the greatest soccer player of all time alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, one of today’s greatest players.

Passengers flying on 16 of the Emirates Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft, during the month or more that the competition will be running, will be able to take in each of the 64 matches as near to real time as possible on the Sport 24 channel, as well as reprise the goals and incidents from every match on one of the seven rolling news channels,

Emirates are scheduled to fly over 18,000 passengers on its daily flights from Dubai to both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo during the World Cup period.

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