Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

What’s different about the Fujitsu’s Stylistic ST Series tablet?

Even the most high powered business traveller might occasionally find themselves in a situation where they might have to take notes, and hand-written ones at that! With word processing everywhere, and with just about everyone in the developed world owning one if not two computers, the number of opportunities that exist to test our old-fashioned hand-writing skills are decreasing rapidly. Yet there are still situations where the ability to jot down a quick note can be invaluable, and there are also people who despite having advanced levels of computer skills at their fingertips, still prefer to put down of their thoughts and ideas on to a piece of paper.

As any businessmen on the move will tell you, there are moments when the ability to write a few sentences or even focal points of a meeting or discussion can be invaluable. When these moments arose, instead of reaching for a pen and paper, the modern method of note taking is using a tablet with pen based functions with one of the most popular on the market being the Stylistic ST from Fujitsu. The Stylistic has been designed to allow note taking in a variety of surroundings, be they the boardroom to the mineshaft, any vital tags of information entered into the notepad is guaranteed to stay there for.

Not only a digital writing pad, the Stylistic also comes complete with all the familiar features of the leading tablets, with Fujitsu’s ST5112 being the most recently introduced version, which comes with either Microsoft’s Windows XP or Windows Vista Business Edition operating software as an optional extra.

The ST5112 comes which has a 12.1″ display screen which will display all that is required of it in even in areas where lighting is very problematic. Less than 40 mm (1.5″) thick and ten inches wide (254 mm.) and more than fourteen inches high (358.775 mm), this tablet won’t be broken too quickly thanks to its very rugged housing.

The Stylistic ST 5112 is a super functional tool that has graced the digital information scene for a few years now, and has stayed around because of the variety of solutions that it provides for the business. Among the standard features that the table offers are:

Tablet-centric controls that include:

  • Screen rotation, scroll buttons that offer up and down and an email button for ready e-mail despatch and reception.
  •  A biometric fingerprint module.
  • A 1.2 GHz Intel Core Duo processor
  • Two megabytes of level two cache,
  • One gigabyte of RAM with the ability to upgrade. ,
  • Battery stamina that will last up to six hours doing average business tasks. For those who are looking for more time before charges, Fujitsu have an extended 9 cell, 7800 mAh battery that is expected to last up to nine hours before charging.
  • Unlimited connectivity- indoors and outdoors.
  • Wireless LAN and bluetooth options.

Among the tablet options available to today’s business traveler, the Stylistic ST Series has been one of the longest around, yet constantly updated as new innovations emerge. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its ease of use and relative light weight in relation to it generous dimensions.

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