Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

WeChat to become the next major advertising platform?

WeChat to become the next major advertising platform?

With mobile advertising growing to become the latest trend throughout the world, it has become important to keep an eye on China which increasingly represents the largest potential market.

That’s why advertisers are now turning their attention to WeChat, China’s very own messaging app, which is slowly but steadily turning itself into an advertising platform to be reckoned with.

Recently, Tencent, who operate WeChat operator, announced that they had launched a new service, for the time being restricted to mainland China. The new service will allow potential advertisers who operate verified WeChat accounts to pay competitive fees to place ads on other companies’ chat pages, on condition that they have more than one hundred thousand followers. Income from fees charged will be shared by Tencent and the companies who host the advertising on their pages.

Whilst WeChat’s core function is instant messaging, it has recently introduced profile pages, photo-sharing and many other features which are strangely similar to those offered by social media giant Facebook.

As is also the case with individual users, companies are given the opportunity to establish accounts without charge and accumulate followers, which is similar to methods used by the other social media giant –Twitter.

WeChat recently launched advertising service, still in a beta version format, is Tencent’s latest endeavor to monetize the chat service, taking advantage of its potential of having 400 million monthly active users, most of them based on the Chinese mainland.

WeChat’s new advertising service differs from that of the opposition in that advertising’s ads are not distributed in the form of instant messages, instead appearing at the bottom of corporate pages.

Advertisers are allowed to specify their target viewers based on age, gender, location as well as the important area of personal interests, according to Tencent. Once a potential advertiser quantifies the ideal client segment, Tencent’s back-end system has been programmed to match subscribers and advertisers in deciding which specific corporate pages will host the ads.

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