Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Volvo to launch their first new model since they became a part of the Geely family

Volvo to launch their first new model since they became a part of the Geely family

Volvo Cars have announced the impending launch of the XC90 which will be its first new model since they they were acquired by a Chinese giant auto manufacturer, Geely (Zhejiang Geely Holding Group).

Industry analysts see the launch of the XC 90 as a make-or-break event for the Swedish carmaker, as they attempt to dramatically increase their sales, by more than double, before the end of the decade.

Previously owned by Ford, the giant US carmaker from 1999 to 2010, Volvo experience the joys of shading for the first time, including platforms, engines and components which run into Ford models cars including as the Taurus and Focus.

Geely has apparently looked at Volvo ownership in a different light, having shown themselves willing to invest in developing its own platform, which they describe as SPA, or scalable product architecture, involving investing than $11 billion in new components and factories, to produce all other companies larger as well as new four-cylinder engines and a large number of new components.

According to a spokesperson for Volvo the company is shattering a number of myths attached to the automotive industry, including developing a model with new production architecture, a new Powertrain and new political system.

For many years in the shadow of the German market leading triumvirate of Audi, BMW and Mercedes, Volvo has long been lagging behind with sales way behind that of the Germans.

However, hopes are that the XC90 will show that Volvo is back as a key player confidence under Chinese ownership, with the added confidence emphasised by the SUV’s larger and more aggressive looking front grille with front headlights that have been designed a particularly distinctive shape uses Swedes call known as “Thor’s Hammer”.

According to previews, the interior of the XC90 also displays Volvo’s new approach with a touch screen that bears a strong resemblance to an iPad-controlling the music, air-conditioning and telephone functions with just eight buttons.

This new-found aggression is also evidence in Volvo’s projected sales figures for the XC90, which they expect to sell 800,000 a year up to 2020, an increase of almost 100% from the previous XC90.

Volvo’s marketing people are looking at China and the US as the best place to sell more cars in the future. There certainly is room for improvement with Volvo having sold just 61,000 cars in both countries in 2013, but now want to be selling 200,000 cars a year in China as well as 100,000 in the US by the end of the decade, with the increased probability that it will bring.

According to a Volvo company representative, the XC90 is only the first stage in an entirely fresh and program for the company’s product portfolio, with the next model scheduled to be released being the S90 saloon, designed to compete in the BMW 5-Series, the Mercedes E-Class or Audi A6 niche.

The current XC90, Volvo’s first SUV, has also been a success in its own right, with more than 600,000 models having been sold since it was first launched in 2002, which is an unusually long life cycle for a car.

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