Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Virgin Rail receive go-ahead to continue to operate the Scottish West Coast Main Line train services

Virgin Rail receive go-ahead to continue to operate the Scottish West Coast Main Line train services

Virgin Rail has been awarded an extension of an existing contract, scheduled to last an additional 33 months to operate the Scottish West Coast Main Line train services.

According to reports Virgin Rail will be required to invest around £430 million to manage the franchise for the coming two years and nine months.

Under the terms of the renewed agreement they have made a serious commitment to raise capacity on their services, investing around £35 million in improved passenger benefits, with the provision of an additional 5,500 standard-class seats each day.

In order to accommodate the demand for additional standard-class seats, the rail company has announced that they will be converting around 20 first-class carriages to meet standard class.

In addition to refurbishing the trains that travel the busy routes to and from Glasgow, the business hub of Scotland, Virgin are also scheduled to invest at least £20 million to modernise some of the stations along the route, as well as undertaking to carry out considerable improvements to waiting rooms and shelters for some of the smaller stations. As part of the new arrangement complimentary wi-fi will be offered at all of the railway stations that Virgin Rail services, with efforts also being made to improve the levels of Wi-Fi coverage currently being provided across the entire rail fleet.

A spokesperson for Virgin Rail has stated the company’s intention to tie up similar deals, through offering direct similar direct service routes emanating from London and arriving at destination throughout England with connections to Scotland.

Announcing the decision, UK Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin explained that the renewed agreement will provide thousands more seats and better journeys for the tens of thousands of passengers who take advantage of these busy services each and every day, going on to add that the West Coast of Scotland continues to provide a vital artery between London and Scotland.

“For that reason it is crucial we do everything we can to improve services on this much-used route.” Summed up the Transport Secretary.

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