Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

Ukraine’s Airport Terminals getting a revamp in time for Euro 2012

Ukraine’s Airport Terminals getting a revamp in time for Euro 2012

With the Euro 2012 soccer championships fast approaching, Ukraine are reaching the final stages of an ambitious program to revamp their three international airports to provide a positive first impression for the tens of thousands of visitors expected to attend the tournament that kicks off on the eighth of June.

The most major investment in the new passenger terminal recently opened at the Sergei Prokofiev International Airport in Donetsk, was a more than one billion dollars renovation project, for which the Ukrainian Government put up three quarters while private investors and local municipalities made up the rest.

The new terminal will have three main passenger floors spread across an area of close to sixty thousand square meters, out of which five thousand will be used for passenger lounges.

New arrivals to Ukraine disembarking at Sergei Prokofiev International Airport will be rapidly processed through twenty passport control cabins, pick up their luggage at the four baggage carousels specially installed, and their way out of the airport will be sped up considerably thanks to the addition of two new customs checkpoints.

Alongside the airport in Donetsk, new parking facilities have also been added which covered parking for more than six hundred cars over three stories, as well as parking area for a further one thousand cars and twenty buses.

To cope with the pressure anticipate during Euro 2012, the new terminal will receive only international flights. However from the first of August it will also handle domestic flights as the old terminal at the airport will be closed, for extensive renovation.

Passenger traffic expectations for the Sergei Prokofiev International Airport for 2012 are just over one million passengers. However, when renovation of the second terminal is complete, they forecast that passenger traffic will rise to about four million annually with business and holiday traffic to this massive country continually increases.

Meanwhile renovations at the other Ukrainian airports at Kiev and Lviv are rapidly approaching completion, and will be ready well in time for the Euro 2012. Lviv International Airport is also getting new terminal capable of serving more than two thousand passengers every hour.

Taking on the job of hosting the Euro 2012 was an ambitious move by Ukraine, as well as an ideal vehicle for promoting the many attractions that the country has to offer. Their hopes are that not only will their three revamped airports serve the visitors to the tournament well, but also the millions who will come after them.

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