Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

Truphone surpasses EU Roaming Regulation and is now ready to take on the world

Truphone surpasses EU Roaming Regulation and is now ready to take on the world

UK based Truphone, whose advertising slogan has constantly been “the mobile network operator without country borders”, have taken their claims that little bit further with the launch of Truphone World.

Launched with the business traveller in mind, Truphone World promises to give the budget, carte Blanche to make and receive calls more or less anywhere in the world, with the chance to use their mobile devices in a total of 66 countries as if they were making a local call. That means the ability to transfer data, at maximum speed and at a very superior quality calling, backed up with, as they claim at Truphone World, the highest standards of customer service, which subscribers to the initial Truphone Zone service have enjoyed across the EU 28 member states.

The new Truphone World service has been set in place in order to anticipate problems that travellers will face with the forthcoming EU mobile roaming regulations, designed to reduce the cost of contacts through mobile devices, initially across the EU 28 member states, beginning from December 2015.

Truphone World plan to expand that service to a group of 66 leading countries, which they have placed into the category of Truphone Zone 2.

Subscribers to Truphone World will be issued with a list of eight unique international numbers on a single SIM card, a technology were that will allow them to reach and to be reached on a local number whilst paying local rates, across the world.

In anticipation of the sizeable increase in demand for international data usage that Truphone World is expected to bring, Truphone will also be larger launching a number of comprehensive contact bundles, including the world’s first half a terabyte international plan, each of them designed to enhance the benefit of maintaining or taking out a new subscription with the company.

Announcing the new plan Truphone’s CEO Steve Robertson explained that the company’s unique global mobile network has been developed in order easily and inexpensively connect people across international borders, bringing families, friends and businesses closer to their international contacts whilst providing them with an unparalleled global service experience.

In the same statement James Tagg, founder of Truphone and its Chief Technology Officer made particular mention of the in-house developed Truphone SIM, which he described as a tiny piece of technology which is at the heart of the company’s uniquely high performance network, capable of covering half the world.

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