Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Toronto Pearson’s Airport to go through a food and beverage concession revolution

Toronto Pearson’s Airport to go through a food and beverage concession revolution

Toronto’s busy Pearson International Airport have announced that they are making major changes in their food and beverage concession set up, with a number of new dining option plans open by international restaurant concessionaire, Host Marriott Services Corporation, generally known as HMSHost.

Among the brands to be opened by HMSHost at Pearson International Airport are Paramount Fine Foods, already a local favorite, who have already opened the doors of the first of their planned two locations at Toronto Pearson, which is Canada’s busiest airport.

Paramount Fine Foods are well-known for their fresh, healthy, high-quality and certified halal Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. The first Paramount Fine Food restaurant is already earning the claim of international passengers since it opened its doors in the pre-security section in the airports Terminal 1, with the second location scheduled to open in the post-security section of Terminal 3 in the Spring of next year.

Howard Eng, President and CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), emphasized his enthusiasm of the new arrivals, going on to explain that bringing an exciting range of dining options to those passing through the airport, diverse range of cultures is a top priority at Toronto Pearson. “Our goal is to offer passengers a variety of restaurants, provide high quality options, and deliver local flavors and familiar brands.” Summed up Mr. Eng.

Paramount Fine Food restaurants has consistently proven to be a popular popular dining spot in the Toronto area since they opened a first restaurant in the city, have gone on to earn the Best Middle Eastern Restaurant in Ontario awards in 2010, as well as Best Restaurant in Toronto awards in 2012.

Apart from Paramount Fine Foods HMSHost plan to bring several new restaurants to feed travelers passing through Toronto Pearson over the next year. Amongst them are The Hearth by Lynn Crawford; LEE Kitchen by Susur Lee; Twist by Roger Mooking, a Caplansky Deli and a Caplansky’s Snack Bar, which will operate in partnership with well-known restaurant owner Zane Caplansky.

HMSHost also have plans to open Bar 120 with a menu especially developed for them by Toronto’s Modern Culinary Academy chef John Placko.

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