Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

Tired of that tingling feeling when you travel – “LEGGAGE” is here, to make it go away

Tired of that tingling feeling when you travel – “LEGGAGE"

One, of the greatest banes of any business traveller is what to do about that tingling feeling that they will, on occasion, experience when they have just gone through a low intercontinental flight and arrived at a business meeting to make a presentation or negotiate a contract.

That often too familiar, but always unwelcome tingling situation, caused by poor blood circulation from having to sit too long, can not only cause distress but also a lack of concentration and also is potentially dangerous.

However, the days of the “dead leg” may soon be over for those who discover the delights of LEGGAGE, a revolutionary designed laptop bag which is not only durable and good looking, but also comes with the very important feature of an integrated foot massaging surface, specially designed with long distance in mind.

The design team at LEGGAGE™ have given a lot of thought to the case’s unique ergonomic design which readily allows its top to be specifically adjusted and set to a number of positions that will provide maximum health benefits for the lucky owner’s feet and legs.

Unique patent pending ergonomic LEGGAGE™ design has massage exterior ridge surface on both low angle surface and high angle surface. These surfaces allow multiple massage positions for the feet and legs.

Simple but yet apparently brilliantly effective, according to the people at LEGGAGE™, their soon to be released product represent a “one of a kind” laptop case designed for long distance travellers, which stands to make life of immeasurably more pleasant. According to company literature, the LEGGAGE™ project has been in the development process for more than two years and will soon be available for delivery by the end of May, shipped directly from the company’s warehouse.

Apart from all of its health giving features, the LEGGAGE™ laptop bag is also a highly functional piece of luggage for the business traveller boasting the following features:

  • Constructed in tough but durable Polycarbonate, to provide maximum protection to the laptop.
  • A zippered inside pocket designed to store chargers and power chords.
  • A transparent inside pocket to store passports and other important documents as well as a number of smaller specially tailored pockets to fit a laptop mouse pen, and other essentials of a business traveller’s kit.
  • A removable and easily adjustable, ergonomically designed shoulder strap.

Early response to the LEGGAGE™ laptop bag give every indication that it is liable to become a firm favorite among the business travelling community.

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