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The French Quarter Wine Festival in New Orleans- a place to be seen, to see -and especially to taste

The French Quarter Wine Festival in New Orleans- a place to be seen, to see -and especially to taste

Good wine and good business should go hand in hand – and that’s why many global travellers in the world of commerce will be making their way to the third annual French Quarter Wine Festival in March 2011. The festival, to be held in mystical city of New Orleans, Louisiana will get under way on the eighteenth of March and has a series of events scheduled to run well into May, is guaranteed to be a gastronomic extravaganza, where people who enjoy culture, good food and excellent wines will congregate from all over the World.

Once again the Maison Dupuy Hotel will be hosting the event and the consensus among connoisseurs of good food and wines there can be no better setting.

The Maison Dupuy hotel is regarded as being among the most unique in the French Quarter of New Orleans hotels. Situated in the richly historic Vieux Carré district of old New Orleans, the owners of the Maison Dupuy have succeeded in combining all the most modern facilities that a top hotel will offer while retaining the feel of history and good taste that any long established luxury European hotel would seek to emulate. And all just two blocks away from the city’s Bourbon Street, where the action goes on around the clock.

Daniel Bruce, among the principal organizers of the French Quarter Wine Festival unashamedly admits that they based their event on the highly Boston Wine Festival, using their theme that each of the gourmet dinners held during the event will be hosted by the principal winemaker and/ or owner of each of the fifteen leading wineries, from America and around the World who were invited to participate in the festival.

Each of the festival’s fifteen gala evenings will enjoy individual menus created by the Maison Dupay’s in-house chef, Michael Farrell of the hotel’s internationally renowned Le Meritage restaurant based around the wines to be served at the event.

Whilst the wine festival in New Orleans is only in its fifth year, similar events have been organised in all the major centers around the World, where great wines are produced and gourmet food enjoyed. Business travellers have been known to alter their schedule to tie in with such an event, not only to participate in the rich fair that is enjoyed at these events, but also to run shoulders with the local business community in the best possible scenario.

That’s why attending an event such as the Maison Dupay’s wine festival is not only titillating to the palette it can also open a lot of doors in the world of business and commerce.

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