Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

The Concur offer

The Concur offer

The modern business traveller will hasten to tell you that one of their greatest challenges may be keeping track of the travel schedule and even more so, the management of the expenses runs up on trips abroad. Where personal expenses begin and business expenses end have always been a grey area. However the challenges, coping with schedules and business expenses may well be drawing to a close, thanks to the introduction of a new mobile application from mobile software leaders Concur.

Concur, a long time trail blazer in integrated travel and expense management solutions, have recently launched their latest version their mobile app which can be downloaded for use by BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad users.

This latest solution from the Concur stable has been programmed to provide considerably improved travel scheduling and expense functionality, as well as access to a range of third-party mobile applications. Their “Next Generation” mobile software is really user friendly, coming with an interface that is both simple to understand and easy to use, as it has been custom designed to provide a common setting for the popular mobile platforms that it supports.

With this latest update, Concur have again displayed the truly international flavor of the company, by offering their software in UK and US English, German, Italian, Spanish and even French Canadian.

A spokesman for Concur recently pointed out that mobile technology is transforming the way business travellers manage their accounts, and by virtue of relentless innovation, Concur’s mobile platform software is capable of making the life of a business traveler so much easier.

Variations on the Concur theme that are currently available are the Concur Breeze, that will allow people on the move to import expense data from their credit cards, scan and save receipts and submit finalized expense reports. With the more expensive Concur Premier, the software does all that as well as managing all aspects of business travel, including flight status, car hire, hotel bookings hotel and even dining itineraries.

For those whose sense of direction is not one of their strongest suits, Concur provide the answers. Simple one-touch integration with Google Maps is standard on all versions of the new software, meaning that instant help is hand for the “directionally challenged.”

Other third-party mobile applications that integrate with Concur mobile software are FlightTrack by Mobiata, which enables flight data stored on Concur to pass to the FlightTrack app. FlightTrack will then provide real-time updates on flight status. Another friendly app that is Concur compatible is

GateGuru, that provides business travellers with real time access to airport-specific dining, shopping and service information, all of it laid out according to specific landing terminals and specific locations.

Concur’s latest updates will undoubtedly make life easier and more streamlined for the international traveler and in many ways. This latest development is certain to take the worries out of travelling, keeping track of schedules as well as personal expenses that are being laid out.

Anyone who has used this software or will be using it in the future will have to concur that it takes a lot of the stress out of business travel.

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