Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

The Apple Watch is here

The Apple Watch is here

Sneaking under the cover of everyone’s radar at this weeks Apple opening day is the news that Apple will soon be releasing their own Smartwatch which in line with the company’s frugal labelling policy will simply be called the “Apple Watch.”

As is the case with all of the current watches on the market that are operated through running Android Wear or the Pebble or Samsung’s Tizen-powered watches, the Apple Watch opens up with a basic capability of checking your phone’s notifications and the time, and then begins to gradually add levels of functionality that is reported to have gone far beyond what’s been done in the sector before.

Despite all of its power and capabilities the Apple Watch is actually quite small, with most of its functionality being accessed through an almost tiny rotating button conveniently situated on the side of the watch. This tiny button, which Apple calls the “digital crown” comes with a myriad of features which allows its owner to scroll through selections like the scroll wheel in the center of a mouse or even allows you to zoom in on photos. The digital crown is one of the cutest innovations that Apple have produced in years, and is reminiscent of the zeniths of the Steve Jobs era.

Among its most wanted features is its ability to operate as what Apple CEO Tim Cook described at the launch as a “comprehensive health and fitness device,” in which multiple infrared and visible light LEDs on the back of the watch work combining to detect a pulse rate, which then interact with Apple’s own health and workout app “Case in point” that tracks steps, heart rate and activity calories, among a variety of other statistics.

The Apple Watch also comes with a scratch-proof sapphire touch screen, a development in mobile technology that has been bubbling under the surface for some time now. At the launch the touch screen’s capabilities were widely praised especially its ability to define the difference between a quick tap and holding your finger down on the screen, described by Apple as a “force touch” which provides an additional method means for controlling apps on the watch.

The good or bad news depending on your affinity with Apple, is that the Apple Watch can only be operated in tandem with an iPhone, however, any model from iPhone five onwards will be capable of driving it, including the 5, 5S, 5C, and the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

The Apple Watch, when it will hit the market early next year, will already go way beyond any of its competitors in the market through its ability to integrate Apple’s new payment system, Apple Pay, which will basically act as an eWallet wallet or credit card at hundreds of thousands of locations, initially in the United States, although almost certainly covering the world within the next year or so.

The Apple Watch, when it is eventually launched, will be for sale at a starting price of $349.

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