Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

TabiMouse app turns the iPhone into a mouse

TabiMouse app turns iPhone into a mouse for the iPad

The business traveller who is inclined to travel with both an iPad and iPhone as part of their travel kit will be pleased to discover the versatility that Tabitop’s new TabiMouse app will provide them.

Thanks to the TabiMouse app, anyone preparing reports and presentations will be to rapidly convert their iPhone into a Bluetooth iPad-friendly mouse, which provides the opportunity of using the iPad as a fully fledged PC.

TabiMouse is compatible with all of Microsoft Windows-based programs, and will run on either a Windows 7 or 8 platform.

The app has been programmed to allow the screen of any model of Apple iPhone to carry out the function of being a laptop-style trackpad. All that is required for the order to enjoy this function is to tap the iPhone’s glass, with the adept user rapidly learning to employ either one or two fingers to differentiate between left and right mouse clicks, as well as to easily slide their finger or fingers around to move iPad’s cursor anywhere on the display screen.

Other features that the TabiMouse app provides to its owner is the ability to scroll up and down, zoom in or out, as well as drag and drop.

For the time being it is possible to download the TabiMouse app free of charge,. However,  for those looking to store information , Tabitop are asking for a paid subscription, which start at $3.99 a month,, including 35 GB of online data storage.

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