Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

SWISS (Swiss International Air Lines) launches “SWISS Choice”

SWISS (Swiss International Air Lines) launches “SWISS Choice”

SWISS has announced the launch of a new range of travel services under the title of “SWISS Choice”, which will allow regular passengers a number of new travel choices.

Amongst these choices will be the ability to reserve a preferred seat in advance, arrange an inflight treat, which can be either for themselves or a travel companion or even pre-ordering inflight duty-free items. These services will run alongside the airline’s existing and highly in demand “hold-the-booking” facility.

More important for the budget conscious is the news that SWISS have also introduced a new pricing concept for European flights departing from Zurich that will offer considerably more competitive fares.

Ideal for the short stay business traveller, the new SWISS Choice options, which covers European destinations departing from Zurich taking in lower round-trip fares with no minimum or maximum stay at the destination, new one-way fares which start from $100 on selected European routes and Business Class flights from as little as $335.

Initially, the new SWISS Choice concept will cover just 17 European destinations, with the plans are to expand it to cover all of the airlines mainland European destinations by the end of 2014.

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