Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Staying Connected

Staying Connected

There are many new ways to stay connected in this day and age. In the past ten years, communication needs have greatly increased as people need to get in touch with international business associates, family members on the other side of the globe, and friends who have moved away. These exchanges are taking place more frequently, and through multiple platforms. As we move into the next decade, Social media giant Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday, while micro-blogging service Twitter turns 5 years old. Both services are growing at an astounding rate, and they have revolutionized the way we stay connected in the 21st century.

Increasingly, individuals are using Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and blogging services to stay connected. These applications are constantly being upgraded in order to meet the communication needs of the modern user. iPad and iPhone social media applications are constantly being developed as well, and these apps are becoming smarter, quicker, and more user friendly.

Facebook is the most visited website on the internet today. Individuals can share thoughts, activities, pictures, videos, links, and almost every aspect of their lives on the social networking site. It is a very effective way to keep ourselves updated about friends’ and families’ whereabouts, special celebrations, and so on. Getting in touch with long lost friends also becomes a possibility.

Worth mentioning today is the myriad of blogging services available. WordPress is one of the clear leaders in the field, and with the launch of WordPress 3.0 in 2010, WordPress features have become even more comprehensive, efficient and useful for personal and corporate use.

Because of these social media services, individuals today can receive new information at a startling rate. As a result, news no longer breaks the traditional way – social media has become and is becoming an integral part of how we update ourselves with information around the world. The traditional censorship gates of information are breaking down as individuals all around the world are being connected and can share public information through microblogging services such as Twitter. For example, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign was won through social media campaigning, which allowed him to effectively reach out to millions of supporters at much lower costs.

With applications on Smartphones made available, all individuals need to do is to locate WiFi hot spots in order to use the various social media services on their phones. Individuals on the go can access their social media applications and respond to instant messages wherever they are, which greatly reduces time wastage and maximizes travelling time.

Checking out best mobile internet data plans is extremely important if you are a heavy on-the-go internet user. Unless you are in a country such as Singapore where WiFi hotspots are everywhere, a good internet data plan is absolutely essential to the proper functioning of your internet activity. You should compare features offered by different service providers and ask the opinion of other users before committing to any particular data plan. Consider your usage needs, such as whether you will be downloading huge files on your phone. This will determine what kind of plan you should subscribe to.

In this new decade, communication has become a 24/7 availability. Even so, the way we stay connected is expected to evolve as technology continues to revolutionize the way we communicate.

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