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It’s snazzy, it’s fantabulous, it’s CHAMPAGNE D.ROCK GREECE OFFICIAL

champagne drock

Pop, fizz, and clink! CHAMPAGNE D.ROCK, a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes originating from the vineyards in the historic Champagne region of France, is certainly rocking its way around the globe. Produced by a family-run business and bottled in handmade golden bottles studded with over 1,000 crystals, the President & CEO of MP Premium Enterprise, Mrs Maria Anastasakou, exclusive distributor of Champagne D.Rock in Greece and Cyprus is here to tell us more about shaking up the wine scene and to also talk a little bit about champagne itself.

Well, everyone is talking about the unique design motif of the Champagne D.Rock bottles. However, before that, I’d like you to tell me a little about the fabulous champagne D.Rock varieties.

champagne d.rockThere are four cuvées in the Champagne D.Rock range:

  • Champagne D.Rock Blanc de Blancs
  • Champagne D.Rock Rosé
  • Champagne D.Rock Glacier
  • Champagne D.Rock Brut Gold


  • Blanc de Blancs, (100% Chardonnay)


Blanc de Blancs is a single varietal champagne comprising 100% Chardonnay. It is lively, fresh and intense with a delicate and persistent mousse. Soft on the palate, it has a distinct powerful citrusy flavour due to its lemon zest and a hint of honeydew melon. This 100% Chardonnay is refreshing and elegant with a lingering finish. Made in a traditional manner, with the secondary fermentation taking place in the bottle, it has spent a minimum of three years aging on its fine lees. It pairs well with a pan-fried veal fillet or a sole meunière.


  • Rosé contains a blend of Pinot Noir Chardonnay Meunier coloured with  Bouzy red wine


The colour is given from the inclusion of 12% of Bouzy red wine The beautiful raspberry nuances of the colour will first seduce you, then the nose, fine, fruity and aromatic and finally the mouth, round and delicious, flourishing on intense notes of red fruits. It has spent a minimum of two years aging on laths and is the perfect companion to a red fruit crumble or chocolate cake.


  • Glacier contains a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay


Glacier has been created to be enjoyed over ice. A new champagne experience distinguished by its bright fruitiness, intensity, richness and its seductive palate and elegant maturity.

  • Gold Brut contains a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir


Gold Brut is the flagship tête de cuvée. The unique and instantly recognizable golden bottle contains the perfect mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with an unrivalled smooth bouquet, deliciously creamy and the palate has great depth and impact with a long and silky finish, light floral notes, a racy fruit character. It is a multi-vintage champagne, a combination of 2011’s and 2012’s most remarkable harvest.

champagne d.rockAnd the grapes used to produce Champagne D.Rock are hand-picked every year?

Yes, that’s correct. This is much better than mechanical harvesting and doesn’t break the skins before they are pressed by a traditional Coquart basket press.

So, we can certainly expect uniqueness in taste from this fantabulous bubbly. Now let’s hear about the savvy design of the golden handmade bottles.

Exactly, Champagne D.Rock doesn’t only stand out because of its great taste, but also because of its handmade golden bottle. After all, we didn’t strive to create uniqueness in taste, but also in design. That’s why every single one of our black, slightly frosted bottles gets studded with over 1000 crystals. We use synthetic “Luk-Diamond” crystals, assembled carefully by hand on smooth velveteen. These crystals have a unique sparkle and an extraordinary play of colors, but they are still very robust. After the crystals are in place on the velveteen, a specially trained employee attaches the whole unique piece of crystals to the bottle. So every bottle truly is unique. If you compare two Champagne D.Rock bottles side by side, you can see small differences in the crystal logo like colour, sparkle, and texture. Only one thing always stays the same: the content; multifaceted, breathtaking and smooth.

Champagne D.Rock can be found now in Greece and Cyprus, and in selected shops, clubs and bars around the world. Which countries has it been launched in? What plans are there for its distribution in the future?

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Spain, France, Sweden, Denmark, Taiwan, China, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea, USA, South Africa and Dubai. In the near future, we plan to Rock the whole world!

From the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, champagne have been associated with royalty and nobility, usually served in a champagne flute. Tell me about other products Champagne D.Rock offers its customers.

A special filled Champagne D.Rock Rose’ (30 lt) for Cavalli Club Dubai, but everyone can see our full range of products on our website:

Most of the champagne produced today is “Non-Vintage”, what does this mean exactly?

Well, it means that the champagne is a blended product of grapes from multiple vintages.

champagne d.rockIn the past, champagne was marketed towards women. Is that the case with Champagne D.Rock or have you made a concentrated effort to market it to younger members of society?

Our target group is exclusively every member of the society that focuses on elegance, uniqueness, and excellence.

Moving on now to champagne in general. What is the ideal drinking temperature?

8-10°C (46.4-50°F)

At most celebrations, people like to open the bubbly bottle and spray champagne, but there is a way to pop the cork to reduce the risk of spilling. Can you tell us what it is?

Yes, instead of pulling the cork out, it is better to hold it and rotate the bottle at an angle, in order to ease out the stopper and prevent it from flying out of the bottle at speed.

Can you give our readers a couple of fun facts regarding champagne?

Certainly. Marilyn Monroe took a bath in champagne at least once and according to her biographer, it took 350 bottles of champers to fill the bath. Also, on average, 28,000 bottles of champagne are served at Wimbledon each year.

On that note, there’s only one thing left to say, “CHAMPAGNE D.ROCK let’s POP THAT CORK AND PARTY NON-STOP”!

For more information on Champagne D.Rock Greece Official contact:


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