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Rias de Galicia Seafood Restaurant, Barcelona

Rias de Galicia Seafood Restaurant, Barcelona

Visitors to the exciting city of Barcelona who enjoy a good seafood meal and are prepared to pay for it, should make their way to the Rias de Galicia – Seafood restaurant situated in the Montjuic/El Poble district of the city.

The Rias de Galicia Seafood Restaurant is a family owned and run business, conveniently situated within easy reach of Barcelona’s city center and exhibition area.

Anyone setting foot for the first time in the Rias de Galicia will soon realise that they have made no mistake in a genuine seafood restaurant thanks to the live fish tank prominently situated at its entrance.

Serving only the freshest of ingredients drawn from the Galicia region of Spain the Rias de Galicia has earned itself a strong reputation not only in the city but throughout the entire for the quality of the food on their menu, with some of the local delicacies such as Berberechos (small clams), Espardenyas (fresh sea cucumbers) and Percebes (sea barnacles) being almost unique to the restaurant. As well as these treats, the Rias de Galicia offers an extensive choice of regular seafood dishes professionally served in their beautifully designed dining room decorated in a classical contemporary style.

Those visiting a seafood restaurant for the first time and Rias de Galicia in particular will immediately feel comfortable by noticing that the restaurant is a favorite among the locals as well as attracting seafood lovers from all over the world.

For the business traveller interested in a first-class meal for themselves or an important guest should come prepared to spend the entire evening being continuously spoiled by a series of delicacies exquisitely cooked and served to make for a perfect gastronomic experience for lovers of seafood.

What should be taken into account is that a meal here does not come cheap, with an average meal running as high as 150 Euros a head.

For those with a budget and the appetite, enjoying a meal at the Rias de Galicia Seafood Restaurant will make for an unforgettable experience.

The Rias de Galicia Seafood Restaurant, Carrer de Lleida, 7, Sants-Montjuic: El Poble-sec 08004, Barcelona, Spain.

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