Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

Range Rover All Terrain Progress Control Film

Improved Off-Road Capability, Superior Performance and Efficiency for Range Rover & Range Rover Sport

  • The very first Land Rover models to include the latest All-Terrain Progress control for superior off-road capability.
  • Better performance with better fuel efficiency for 6-cylinder engine.
  • It can give more than 40 mpg and is fuel efficient, covering 100 km in less than 7 liters.
  • The Range Rover Sport SDV6 with enhanced power @ 306PS at 700Nm.
  • The Range Rover and Range Rover Sport model also features the new HUD (Head-Up Display).

Land Rover has included extensive updates for its Range Rover and Range Rover Sport edition which makes the best SUVs even better.

The updated version boasts of All-Terrain Progress Control system, ace technology which enhances the look and feel of the best and most luxurious sports SUV. The improved fuel efficiency and power performance teamed with the HUD which displays essential driving information on a tiny portion of the windscreen are commendable inclusions. The exteriors are artistically done up with two new bright shades.

Phil Popham from Jaguar Land Rover stated that the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are leaders in terms of excellence, off-road capability and a lot more. These latest updates work on the streams and ensure that the Land Rover remains the most sustainable SUV in the world.

All-Terrain Progress Control for unrivaled off-road capability

Excellent off-road capability is the mark of the Land Rover and the inclusion of the All-Terrain Progress Control is sure to enhance the functionality of this four-wheel drive chassis.

The ATPC constantly keeps a check on the vehicle settings to enhance the traction and ensure that the speed is being maintained. It also lowers the workload of the driver. It offers better control on steep terrains and rough surfaces as well. It is very helpful while navigating on roads where you need to drive really slowly. The ATPC functions of the forward as well as reverse gears and ranges between 1mph and 19 mph.

The Range Rover and The Range Rover Sport are the ones to include the latest technology.

* When specified with dual-range transmission & Terrain Response® 2

Better engines, Better performance

The performance and the fuel efficiency too have been improved. Earlier it used twin turbocharging technology, however presently it makes use of a ball-bearing single turbocharger. The LPEGR and two stage oil pump lowers the parasitic engine loss. The fuel injector nozzle too has been improvised and can emit 258 PS and 600 Nm.

The newer versions of Range Rover Sport SDV6 have retained parallel-sequential turbocharging. However, the detail calibration changes have boosted the performance to 306PD & 700Nm, an increase by 14PS &100Nm. LPEGR with modified fuel injector nozzles and 2-stage oil pump has helped in increasing the fuel efficiency by 7% at 40.4mpg/7 liters per 100km & 185g/km.

Head-Up Display

HUD (Head-Up Display) is the new feature on Range Rover & Range Rover Sport, which projects the vital information on the windscreen. This helps the driver to see the pertinent info quickly without taking the eyes off the road.

Besides, the HUD data consists of gear position, satellite navigation instructions, shift indicator, vehicle speed, cruise control info & Traffic Sign Recognition. Apart from this the driver can choose and set the information which he wants to be displayed.

Increased Personalised Options

Both the new versions of Range Rover now come with a new color palette which features the stunning Yulong White. Besides, the Range Rover Sport also comes in a stunning Kaikoura Stone.

Both Range Rover & Range Rover Sports feature fixed panoramic roofs with power blinds, which give a sense of extra space.

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