Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

PLugg working on a phone charger with a difference

PLugg working on a phone charger with a difference

Among the biggest challenges that any business traveller will face is how to keep their Smartphone charged while on a long journey, especially one that takes in a number of destinations.

To help overcome this tricky problem an Italian-based start-up by the name of PLugg may have come up with an idea which is as original as it is intiguing.

In other words, a phone charger that is integrated into the wheel of the business travellers luggage.

PLugg, based in Cagliari, describe themselves as business formed a group of longstanding friends each of them bringing their own unique and experienced disciplines to the company, with talents and skills ranging from engineering, industrial design, graphics, international sales and marketing.

While they have developed a number of innovative products in the short time they have been working together, the partners at PLugg first came up with the notion for their unique phone charger when the marketing manager returned from a long trip to the USA, complaining bitterly about the problems he had keeping in touch with Home Office and potential customers Isis smartphone consistently lost its charge.

The partners came to the conclusion that, while there were a number of alternatives in the market to charge Smartphones, in order to operate them a source of electricity was needed as well as some considerable time.

Based on that conclusion, an innovative idea was born to utilise the energy generated by the wheels on the suitcase to charge the batteries smartphone.

While the product is still in the development stage, with a prototype already having been produced, and successful charging of a number of Smartphones through this unusual and endearing method having been completed, the people behind PLugg are now convinced that they have gone a long with solving the problem regarding battery charging on the move.

To help get their product off the ground the people at PLugg are looking for financing through Kickstarter, and are happy to accept proposals for funding to reach their target of $120,000 which allow them to complete product development and allow their first line run to get under way.

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