Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

Pinterest take the wraps off a new analytics platform – specifically designed for business users

Pinterest take the wraps off a new analytics platform specifically designed for business users

Online marketing giant Pinterest, have announced the launch of a new analytics platform, designed for their business clients with a view to improving interaction with business clients on the site.

According to a representative of Pinterest the recently launched analytics platform is considerably more powerful than its predecessor and is eminently capable of providing meaningful insights about what their customers are interested in, while surfing the website.

Amongst the principal features of Pinterest’s new analytics platform are:

  • The ability to gauge traffic and engagement metrics through allowing customers, potential or active, to interact with through the supplier’s Pinterest profile and website, whilst gaining a clear picture of how much traffic their site picks up when they have added the recently introduced “Pin It” button.
  • The ability to gain audience insights through providing an insight into the people who show interest in a particular company’s product on the Pinterest website as well as other similar companies whose web pages they visit whilst on the site
  • Providing relevant advice on how to drive increased traffic to the particular pages as well as improved engagement, with this particular advice based on how people relate to particular company’s products. Based on this information Pinterest will provide advice on how to increase impressions, clicks and repins.

According to Pinterest the company has gained considerable positive feedback relating to the abilities of their analytics tool, and are confident that the latest version will provide considerable assistance on how those marketing the product to the site can improve their sales, either through updating their product range after gaining insights on what’s popular on Pinterest, or changing how you pin based on what’s trending with Pinners.

All that is required to gain access to Pinterest’s new analytics platform is to open a business account.

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