Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Paradine gradually becomes the first choice when choosing where to dine

Paradine gradually becomes the first choice when choosing where to dine

One of the greatest dilemmas the business traveller can face when dining out with a client in an unfamiliar city: do they take the easy way out and invite them to dine in the hotel restaurant, which isn’t always the most glamorous place to be or take a chance on the nearest restaurant, or even more risky, on the recommendation of one of the not always so objective restaurant review sites.

It is acknowledged fact that over a good meal long-term business relationships can be cemented and major deals can be closed. However months of negotiation and hard work, things can literally evaporate away in the course of the evening if the unsuspecting businessman happens to fall on the wrong restaurant to invite a key client.

But the days of “dining in the dark” are coming to an end, thanks to an innovative app in its advanced development stages which goes by the name of Paradine, recently launched by friends and partners Jake Farmakis and Chuck Casella.

Jake co-founded Paradine after a long career in sales with Goldman Sachs, and well remember a few uncomfortable evenings dining with potential or existing clients in restaurants that he wishes he had never heard of or set foot in.

That’s the reason why Jake got together with Chuck Casella to establish Paradine, which they describe as a “startup with a mission”.

Their mission was to establish the largest, most powerful professional networking tool specifically designed to provide personal and objective restaurant recommendations. To get their project underway, the pair set up a short market survey based around a single and very simple question: “If you had to choose between a restaurant recommendation from a friend, or an online review written by a stranger, which would you choose?”.

Jake and Chuck were not surprised to discover that almost all of the people that they asked would be inclined to heed the advice of a friend rather that of an online review. The problem that that response brought up, however, is how to correlate all of that information from the towns and cities across the United States and make it accessible, without losing its personal and objective touch.

Paradine is a simple tool to help you keep track of an entire network of friends, friends of friends and onwards into infinity, and all of the restaurants that they have dined in and had a favorable or unfavorable experience.

Designed in a simple and intuitive manner, members of the Paradine community can instantly link on to personal recommendations of restaurants in whatever city or town they find themselves in, with the app also providing filtering capacity by cuisine, price point, service standards and even going as far as ambience.

Paradine will be initially targeting the “working professional” user base, specifically the more than 25 million US corporate travellers who are estimated to spend around $30 billion dining out every year.

The new Paradine app is now available for free download, either from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at

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