Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

Nova Bluetooth, flash for iPhone hits the market

Nova Bluetooth, flash for iPhone hits the market

Having succeeded in completing a successful Kickstarter campaign, BiteMyApple have announced the release of Nova, a wireless external flash specifically designed for use with the Apple iPhone.

When compared with most of the other Smartphones on the market, Apple’s iPhone hold its own as far as flash capacity is concerned, taking creditable shots even in low-light, with the latest-generation iPhone 5s coming with a new dual-LED flash that is a distinct improvement on its predecessors.

However, for those iPhone owners that find themselves in a situation where they need to take top quality photographs in fading light, then the Nova wireless external flash will improve the situation considerably. About the size of a credit card and about as lightweight, the Nova wireless external flash will illuminates the subject with natural skin tones, softer shadows and visible depth.

Simply to use and with no need for annoying connections, the Nova is a separate piece that connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth, communicating through a specially developed app, the Nova provides its users both simple and advanced modes as well as various settings that adjust the flash’s tone from cool to warm.

According to information supplied by the people at BiteMyApple Nova boasts 40 points of light diffused behind a white panel, meaning easy-on-the-eyes flash, and stunning photos.

The Nova retails at just $59.99 and can be ordered on BiteMyApple’s website.

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