Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

New York’s iconic Grand Central’s subway station renovation gets the green light

New York's iconic Grand Central's subway station renovation gets the green light

One of New York’s busiest development companies, SL Green have announced their plans to provide the Grand Central’s subway station with a significant upgrade.

The project, which will take five-year to complete at a cost of $210 million, will see the construction of three new staircases leading to the subway platforms, two new brand-new street-level entrances as well as an entirely refurbished mezzanine level, including a 4,000-square-foot ground-level “reception area” for the tens of thousands of commuters who passed through the station every day. The focal point of the plant “reception area” will be a “living wall” adorned with hanging plants and a large display board providing arrival and departure information.

The renovation is part of our larger project based around SL Green’s new 1 Vanderbilt project, a 65-story office tower that will occupy an entire city block just west of Grand Central, north of East 42nd Street.

The necessary improvements in transport facilities to carry workers to the region were agreed between h the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)and the recently appointed Mayor DeBlasio administration along with the developers earlier in the year.

The plans will form the first stage of a proposed midtown east rezoning project in the midtown east region of New York.

The most significant changes in the refurbishment of this particular region are planned to be carried out adjacent to the to the Lexington Avenue line station, which currently sees an average of 154,000 passengers per day and rated as being the second-busiest station in the system.

When the improvements are completed, the MTA hope to be able to add at least one additional train along the Lexington Avenue line each and every hour, capable of carrying more than 1,100 additional riders, which will considerably relieve congestion.

SL Green reportedly also has plans to create a transit hall that will join the Grand Central Terminal to the planned Long Island Rail Road station is currently under construction, and will be situated directly below as well as to the northwest of the station, which is a focal part of the $10 billion East Side Access project.

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