Monday - Sep 25, 2017

New Jot Touch Stylus with Pixelpoint now available

New Jot Touch Stylus with Pixelpoint now available

For the business traveller who need to take notes as well as drawing quality sketches and save them in a digital format, digital pen pioneers Adonit has recently introduced their latest Jot Touch Stylus.

The latest generation of Jot Touch Stylus from Adonit comes fitted with the latest in Pixelpoint technology and pressure sensitivity, designed, developed and produced to provide writers, sketch artists and business people on the move with the nearest thing they will find to a natural drawing experience, within and digital framework.

It comes also with a 3.1mm tip, providing 2,048 level of pressure sensitivity with the considerable added advantage of being supportable by Adobe Cloud Software.

Adonit developed the latest version of their long-running highly in demand device to be compatible with a huge diversity of digital creation iOS applications. To make it even more user-friendly than its predecessors the stylus has two handy shortcut buttons to allow anyone operating heads to choose their favorite functions.

According to a spokesperson for Adonit the latest generation of pixelpoint technology that has been adapted to operate on the stylus has made for shrinking the diameter of the stylus’ tip size down to 1.9mm, which is 70% less than the nearest competition, allowing for the creation of the first truly digital equivalent of a traditional pen. To continue this impression the material used in the construction of the Pixelpoint stylus tip’s specially selected in order to mimic the drag of a pen on paper, which while it offers a pleasing effects also gives the user considerably enhance control of their pen strokes, allowing for maximum clarity when rapidly jotting down notes on drawing on site sketches in the most testing of conditions.

Adonit’s Jot Touch Stylus Pixelpoint stylus is totally iOS Compatible, and will operate at maximum efficiency on any device running Bluetooth 4, with apps that have already incorporated the Jot-Ready software development kit (SDK) will be more readily able to advantage of the integrated features that the Jot Touch Stylus Pixelpoint provides, such as dramatically increase pressure sensitivity, palm rejection and enhanced precision.

While the Jot Touch Stylus Pixelpoint stylus is something of a specialist tool, for those who are aware of the definite advantages of having such a tool in their business travel kit, will be happy to take it along for the journey.

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