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Mobile Phone Roaming Schemes in Europe

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Interconnectivity is the one of the greatest hallmarks of the 21st century. Network operators recognize the need for increased connectivity, and as more individuals travel internationally, these operators are starting to offer mobile phone roaming schemes that come in attractive packages. In European zones, tariffs are often the cheapest, and there are several good mobile phone roaming schemes an individual can choose from.

Vodafone Passport

Vodafone Passport is a good roaming scheme which provides cheaper call rates in Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand. Receiving calls under the scheme is free for the first hour, but is charged 20p per minute after that. Text messages cost 11p per SMS.

International Traveller Service

O2’s roaming schemes differ depending on your O2 phone model. Different charges apply for Pay Monthly, Pay & Go, and Business users. The International Traveller Service (ITS) provides savings up to 80% when travelling abroad. Calling back to the UK or calling within the country you are travelling in becomes much cheaper. If your tariff includes 600 or more free minutes, ITS is provided free of charge. It is already included in O2’s Business plan. Special deals are also available for frequent travellers to Ireland, Spain and continental Europe.

Europe Traveller (Orange)

The prices charged by Orange are slightly more expensive in the Middle East and Rest of World, and cheaper in Ireland & Channel Islands, Europe, Asia Pacific & South Africa, and USA & Canada. Europe Traveller is an attractive scheme which provides reduced call rates inside Europe at a monthly rate of £7, or £4 per month when purchased for 12 months.

The Business World Traveller package is another scheme offering up to 60% discounts for all zones for £10 per month (or £5 per month on a 12 month basis).

Many of the main UK network operators offer schemes that can reduce call costs abroad for all subscribers. The good news for all consumers is, there has been an overall downward trend of mobile tariffs.

Still, how do you avoid being overcharged when purchasing a roaming scheme? Firstly, you need to do sufficient research and make comparisons between different service providers. Think about your specific needs, and only subscribe to services you require. Some roaming schemes come with benefits that you might not be able to use due to the location of those cheap calls, and you should not be lured into traps simply because of the low rates offered.

Phone companies deduct heavy roaming charges for data services; last year, the European Union (EU) put a cap on roaming charges for voice calls and SMS.

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