Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Mobile camera producer GoPro prepares to go public

Mobile camera producer GoPro prepares to go public

San Mateo, California based manufacturer of mobile camera equipment GoPro Inc., is reportedly in the filing stages of mounting an IPO, where they will be seeking a market valuation which could reach as high as $3 billion.

GoPro enjoyed a turnover just short of $1 billion during the last 12 months, earning a $60.6 million profit for the year, close to double what they earned in 2012.

A vast majority of GoPro production of mobile cameras and accessories goes to the adventure sports sector, where they are particularly favored by surfers, skiers and sky divers, although an increasingly growing number of their products are finding a niche in the business sector.

Prior to its flotation, GoPro has reportedly been reassessing the focus of their the business, intending to work more in the future as a media company, distributing video content captured by their head mounted cameras, in addition to the hardware itself.

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