Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

Microsoft reported to be getting ready to take the wraps off Windows 9

Microsoft reported to be getting ready to take the wraps off Windows 9

Despite consistent suggestions that Microsoft would not really launch their latest version of their Windows 9 till early in 2015, rumors are growing stronger that the software giants are getting ready to release a preview of their operating program in late September or early October.

According to reports, Microsoft plans to launch a preview version, meant for developers only under its nom de plume of “Threshold”, while at the same time it will be given its official name of Windows 9.

The software industry has been buzzing for some time with rumors that Microsoft was planning a “technology preview” for Windows Threshold which will feature a comprehensive overhaul on their operating systems, with attention having been paid to industry demands with a reported 15 changes having been made from Windows 8.

Among the most welcome will undoubtedly be that Microsoft has decided to re-introduce the much missed Start menu, as well as virtual desktop support, the ability to run Metro apps in discrete desktop windows, the removal of the Charms bar, and the possible introduction of Windows Phone 8.1’s virtual assistant, Cortana, to Windows proper.

Microsoft are also reported to be in the advanced stages of developing a separate combined version of Windows RT and Windows Phone, with details expected to be provided during the eagerly awaited press event.

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