Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

Microsoft ready to get deeper into gaming

Microsoft ready to get deeper into gaming

According to industry reports software giant Microsoft is in advanced talks to acquire Swedish company Mojang, developers of one of the most popular interactive games Minecraft, which has a following reputed to be in excess of 50 million gamers throughout the world.

Morgan is expected to receive around $2 billion, for the company, with 70% of that going to co-founder Markus Persson real also expected to take leave of the company if and when a deal is agreed.

Persson’s partners in Mojang, Jakob Porser, who helped to found the company in 2009 at as well as chief executive Carl Manneh are expected to remain with the company in the likely event that the deal goes through.

Meanwhile on Wall Street Microsoft’s attempt to woo Mojang, almost entirely on the admittedly outstanding success of the Minecraft game has raised a few eyebrows, particularly in the light of new CEO Satya Nadella’s recent stated intention of pursuing a more narrowly targeted strategy than that of his predecessor Steve Balmer.

At that time Nadella scored from a short and specific list of the “core” businesses that he intended to refocus the company’s activities, with gaming being conspicuous by its absence. around in a letter to employees.

Those who understand the world of gaming in more depth than Wall Street market point to the fact that Microsoft’s Xbox division has become an increasingly relevant factor in the wide range of products and services that Microsoft appear to be gradually piecing together in order to compete more actively in the market.

According to the leading industry analyst having the Minecraft game included in the artillery “will line up very well with Microsoft’s phone, tablet, console and PC ecosystem strategy.”

Minecraft has grown steadily to be an unlikely but formidable hit in the global gaming community since its release five years ago, through its ability to allow players to create and inhabit virtual worlds, where in order to survive, they have to fight of unfriendly zombies, breed baby animals and use their imagination to its fullest capacity in order to create any object or build any structure that they can imagine.

Mojang, who currently employs just 37 people in their home base in Stockholm returned a remarkable profit $115 million during 2013, a remarkable margin from only $290 million of revenue.

Persson, as well as the rest of the company’s founders, have notoriously and consistently stressed their desire to remain an independent entity and till now have consistently rebuffed a series of offers to acquire the company, including a reported especially attractive one from Sean Parker, co-founder of now-defunct music sharing site Napster, who also served for a time as the first president of the social networking giant Facebook.

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