Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

Microsoft introduces their Series 3 version of the Surface Pro tablet

Microsoft introduces their Series 3 version of the Surface Pro tablet

Microsoft has now officially taken the covers of their latest version of Surface Pro 3 tablets, which they bombastically claim is capable of putting up a fight against entry-level laptops.

The software giant have been pulling out all of their hardware big guns in recent years, as they continue their drive to make an impact on the tablet market, still largely carved up between tablets driven by Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android operating systems.

Microsof dealers will now be accepting orders for the Surface Pro 3 tablet, with a release date in the US for the 20th of June, while global distribution is due to start in late August.

With a base price of $799, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet will come in a choice of three configurations, starting from an Intel Core i3 processor driven model, moving up to a Core i5 with a top of the range being driven by a Core i7 processor.

Surface Pro 3 comes with a choice of 4 or 8 GB RAM options, with either 64 to 512 GB storage capacity. Running on the latest Windows 8.1 Pro operating platform, the Surface Pro 3 will handle comfortably all of the Windows software programs, including Microsoft Office and Windows Store apps.

The current model Surface, the third in the series, is bigger than its predecessor, measuring 30 cms, but a mere 9.1mm deep, which, according to Microsoft, is the thinnest Intel Core product ever produced, as well as one of the lightest, weighing in at just 800 grams.

Coming with a 5-megapixel front and rear facing cameras, capable of capturing 1080p video, the Series 3’s also comes fitted with a full-size USB port, a Mini DisplayPort, as well as a MicroSD card slot for expandable storage.

According to Panos Panay, head of Microsoft’s Surface division, the Series 3’s 2,160-by-1,440 display, also provides the “highest contrast ratios in the industry.”

At the launch of the Surface Pro 3 tablet Panay was not slow in comparing it to the 13-inch MacBook Air, which, despite its larger screen, provides 6 percent less content on the display screen than the new Surface 3, whilst adding salt to the wound by announcing that very close to 100 percent of people who own an iPad also have a laptop or desktop computer, while their latest model is capable of giving its owners the best of both worlds.

According to industry reports, the new thinner, bigger and faster Surface Pro 3 has indeed come on in leaps and bounds over its predecessors in many ways, with one of them its improved battery life of up to 9 hours, a 10 percent improvement on the Surface Pro 2.

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