Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

McLaren MP4-X: Redefining the World of Motorsport

McLaren MP4-X: Redefining the World of Motorsport

The automobile industry has been in its continuous pursuit for more innovative vehicles to redefine the way car driving or racing is done. The move towards technological advancement combined with the most remarkable driving experience led to the development of the newest concept car – the McLaren MP4-X. This is the latest addition in the line-up of McLaren’s lightning quick, stylish racing automobiles which will definitely bring every car enthusiast into a whole new world of  wheels.

Super-Fast and Safe

The McLaren MP4-X is intelligently engineered to possess that kind of speed you have never known possible for such a car. The speed will be combined with top level safety assurance because the entire chassis of MP4-X utilizes “negative stiffness material structures”. These components are capable of absorbing/withstanding high-force impact and bounce to defy the impact. As speculated by experts in the automobile industry, McLaren targets 900 hp. for its impact force resilience. With this feature, there will be a whole new world of racing experience.

Brilliant Engineering

With the McLaren MP4-X, racers do not have to worry about unstable gravity and friction during top speed acceleration because this concept race car is fully equipped with sophisticated aerodynamics technology. This makes it possible for the vehicle to generate the appropriate downforce necessary when running at its top speed and varying road topography. It is also equipped with active rear wing necessary to maintain contact on the road and keep the balance at varying directions and speed levels. According to McLaren, the MP4-X utilizes “powerfully charged electrodes” that could be switched on to “turn the air around the wings into plasma”.

McLaren also adds that “the wing isn’t all that will be charged as the MP4-X will be driven by electricity too, utilising thin batteries integrated into the bodywork. They’d be charged from the regenerative braking and a solar panel system”. However, the company envisions that there will be a technology where the inductive charging process is embedded into its tracks.

As of the moment, the McLaren MP4-X is still in its conceptual stage. There are still a lot more to accomplish especially that its components transcends typical elements currently used in the automobile industry. So what do you think? The next time you have you business trip in Europe, never miss a chance to have a personal encounter with this concept car.

Should your next business trip take you to England, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey.

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