Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

Lewis Hamilton wins the Italian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton wins the Italian Grand Prix

Despite starting in pole position, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton  had to work hard to earn  a crucial victory in the Italian Grand Prix., to keep himself in this years Formula 1 championship race  His victory came largely as a result of his teammate Nico Rosberg making a crucial  mistake, albeit  whilst  being placed under considerable pressure from Hamilton, causing the German to run wide at the first chicane.

Hamilton’s victory in Monza reduces the British driver’s deficit in this year’s Formula One drivers championship race to just 22 points.

Finishing in third place behind the two Mercedes drivers, who have dominated this year’s championship despite their intense personal rivalry was Felipe Massa of Williams who drove steadily throughout with out looking like real competition, while his Williams team-mate Valtteri Bottas took fourth, after recovering impressive style from an unimpressive start.

The impressive placings of both Massa and Bottas con firmed the faith placed on by the Williams team who announced that both drivers already signed up for next season.

Yesterday’s victory is bound to provide a considerable bolster to Hamilton’s ambition to win this year’s championship, whilst making for a considerable blow to those of Rosberg’s, who went into the race already under some pressure after being the subject of considerable public criticism by the Mercedes team after causing a collision between the two at the previous the contrary held two weeks ago in Belgium .

After the race, despite once again been the subject of booing from the crowd, Rosberg sportingly admitted that Lewis had driven a great race and deserve to be the winner

Despite starting the race in pole position Lewis Hamilton made an atypically poor start allowing the race to apparently fall into Rosberg’s lap as he was remarkably slow getting away from pole position and was almost immediately swamped by the field, falling behind not only his team-mate, but also McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen and Massa.

However, it  did not take long for Hamilton to recover from his shaky start, and he was was soon pushing hard to make up lost ground, first passing Magnussen at the second chicane on lap five to take third from the Dane at the first Lesmo corner on lap five, waiting another five laps before gliding past Massa, holding the outside line at the first chicane to take second place just 2.2 seconds behind Rosberg which he gradually closed to 1.3 seconds until Rosberg made his only pit stop on lap 24, leaving Hamilton 1.8 seconds behind when he rejoined after his own stop a lap later. After the pitstop Hamilton gradually cut into Rosberg’s lead, reducing it to 1.3 seconds a lap later and then 0.7 with a new fastest lap at the end of the 28th circuit.

A few hundred meters later, Rosberg braked too late into the first chicane and was forced to take to the escape road, which saw Hamilton gratefully taking the lead as Rosberg was forced to negotiate the bollards before rejoining the track, forced by his mistake to finish the race in Hamilton’s wake.

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