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Laying the ground rules for a healthy business trip

Laying the ground rules for a healthy business trip

As any long-term business traveller will tell you, after a while, flying long-distance across the world, waiting in airport lounges and staying in hotels can gradually lose their attractiveness.

Staying on top of such a challenging and often rigorous lifestyle requires a lot of discipline, and to avoid any permanent damage to their health, it is of the utmost importance that the business traveller learns to create positive health habits when on business trips, either short or long.

With the average executive having to cope with an almost unlimited amount of stress in the jobs, finding the time to take care of their health and fitness, eating well as well as making the time to relax and rejuvenate is often set aside.

However, this is a habit which must be avoided at all costs, with all manner of research showing that traveling for business is almost always linked to an increase in health risks in particular obesity, high blood pressure as well as elevated cholesterol levels, and on an increasing scale depending on the intensity of the trip.

Taking these factors into account it not necessarily a default situation that the traveller is doomed to be an unhealthy specimen. Those who have learned the importance of laying the ground rules for a healthy business trip, can still make sure that they are taking good care of themselves while they are away from their healthy home surroundings, irrespective of how often or how far they may travel.

All that is required is some reasonable discipline and ability to plan their trip in advance.

The first trick is not to be dependent on either airport or airplane food- even though some of it can be pretty healthy. What is always a wise move is to check with the airline in advance and make sure that they have a choice of low-cal, low-fat and low-cholesterol dishes on the menu. In any event healthy business travellers will always stay clear of eating too heavy a meal when in flight.

In order to stay fresh, one should drink plenty of water, and do their best to stay away from any alcohol with the possible exception of a glass of wine.

One of the biggest challenges in the life of a long-term traveller is that of jet lag, which can usually hit hardest in the middle of a business trip. That’s the reason why many travellers prefer to stay in hotels that have a round-the-clock gym and spa, so they can work out any time, burn up energy and catch up on some sleep.

Every experienced travellers will have loads of advice to give to their colleagues who want to make your business trip as healthy as it was successful.

Ultimately all that is needed is strong discipline and commonsense to achieve these double goals.

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