Monday - Sep 25, 2017

LAX Southwest Airlines remodelling project gets underway

LAX Southwest Airlines remodelling project gets underway

The eagerly anticipated intensive remodelling of the busy Southwest Airlines terminal at Los Angeles International airport (LAX) has finally got underway.

When completed, the terminal project will have cost a total of $500 million, including much-needed improvements to the transport infrastructure to reduce the congestion problems which has been a part of the terminal for a number of years already, with the Southwest terminal, by far and away the busiest than any other passenger facility at LAX.

Los Angeles City leaders, as well as airport officials and representatives of Southwest attended the groundbreaking ceremony at LAX Terminal 1, which also acts as the transport hubs for Southwest’s subsidiary, AirTran Airways. Those in attendance were Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Councilman Mike Bonin, Gina Marie Lindsay, director of LAX and Sean Burton, president of the Airport Commission.

Any business traveller who has passed through LAX will be well aware of the pluses and minuses of Terminal 1, which was in 1984 and has just 15 gates. During 2013, the terminal handled close to 10 million passengers, the largest flow of passengers of any terminal in LAX during that year.

Southwest, which services flights to and from 25 cities from LAX, is the airport’s eighth busiest airline with an average of 117 daily departures.

The remodeling plans include reconfiguring the street access to the terminal, scene of some of the worst traffic congestion at LAX, which famously reaches its most frantic levels during peak travel times.

Among the improvements made will be to those of the Concourse which will be increased by around approximately 25 feet on each side in order to provide for larger hold rooms, larger restrooms, as well as the opening of retail, food and beverage concessions integrated into the hold room experience.

Also scheduled for an update will be the terminals Security Screening Check sector with the square feet of ticketing building being substantially improved in order to allow for the building of state-of-the-art, industry standard Transportation Security Administration (TSA) passenger screening lanes within the footprint of the existing facility.

With all that that entails, Terminal 1 will remain open during the renovations which are expected to be completed.


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