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Latest technologies for airport security and passengers’ comfort

Latest technologies for airport security and passengers' comfort

As significantly eminent travellers look for new ways to take control of their own travel experience, the aviation sector has adopted a lot more innovative technologies and intelligent innovations in response to demands for an exceptional travelling experience and passenger comfort.

Screening lanes

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) announced recently that it’s partnering with American Airlines to install in new security screening lanes in select America airplane terminals. One of the new features is that the transport lines naturally move the portable suitcases through the X-beam scanner. Additionally, pictures are caught of the bags and various items before they pass through, and these are connected to the X-beam check, while Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels will likewise be added to the containers for further responsibility of the things as they travel through the framework. Bags that contain conceivably undermining things are diverted to the other side to permit the flow of passengers and bags to proceed.

Electronic Fingerprint Processing

An electronic fingerprint process is a hardware that aids maintenance and system support. It offers versatility, easy to use biometric frameworks and answers for its clients, for whom it has handled more than 1.5 million fingerprints. It’s one of the latest gadget used in airports for security and passengers safety.

Computed Tomography Scanners

One of the conceivable answers for the up and coming era of airplane security screening is processed tomography (CT – Computed Tomography) scanning – a comparable innovation to what is utilised for outputs as a part of doctor’s facilities.

The advantage of this CT technology as a rule is that travellers can keep liquid and laptops in the bag when they get to the checkpoint. The machine preserves an even greater than the detection ability of the current equipment at checkpoints whilst keeping those things in the bag, hence it’s a dual benefit.

Self-Service Baggage Handling Systems

This is a technology designed for airplane terminals to give travellers cost-proficient and high-quality administration in terminals. This tech has been installed in airports in Europe and North America. This self-service baggage handling systems offers passengers better experience and more time to enjoy shopping in the airport shops and restaurants while the baggage handling system does its job. This hereby increases retail turnover.

Airport installs humanoid robots to help passengers

Tokyo’s Haneda international Airport has installed a fleet of tiny humanoid robots called EMIEW3 (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate) to guide travellers. This latest version of the EMIEW developed by Hitachi was launched in May 2016 and comes with a remote brain that enables it to process voices and images.

Mobile app to assist passengers handles flight anxiety

A mobile app called SkyGuru aimed toward helping passengers take care of flight anxiety, makes its unveiling in the Israeli, Canadian, United State, and European markets.

The app employs two major solutions to assist people manage their anxiety; it fills in passengers’ blanks relating to the specific procedures and events taking place throughout their flight, and offers comforting words as well as moral assistance on-board, particularly during time when the flight crew is occupied for instance during turbulence, landing, and takeoff.

Photo credit: Flughafen München GmbH – Werner Hennies – Munich Airport

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