Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

L’Anima Café, London

L'Anima Café, London

The London restaurant scene is very well known for its almost unbeatable choice of cuisines, with every taste and palate catered for. Throughout the years, thanks to its considerable expatriate population, Italian restaurants in particular have thrived in the city. A traditional favorite among business travellers from all over the world is the L’Anima restaurant situated in the heart of the so-called referred “Square Mile”, the financial heart of the city.

Now, as a result of response from those who want to enjoy the traditional fare served at the L’Anima restaurant, but in a more casual setting, the restaurant owner as well as its principal chef Francesco Mazzei have opened what he describes as the restaurant’s “little sister” which he has called the L’Anima Café.

L'Anima Café, London

According to Mazzei, the L’Anima Café will forsake none of the standards set by the more traditional restaurant, which will still serve a menu based on Francesco Mazzei’s creative style.

The L’Anima Café, which only recently opened its doors for the first time, is conveniently situated a mere block away from the L’Anima Restaurant, which apparently stands for “soul” in Italian.

And the soul of Italy, especially its southern part, can be felt throughout the L’Anima Café, emphasised by its simple, but extensive menu.

L'Anima Café, London

Among the delights to be tasted at the L’Anima Café are mouthwatering homemade breads, delicious dips such as the roasted Aubergine, and an anchovy and tomato version of the ancient Roman fermented fish sauce, Garum.

Other specialties going down well at the L’Anima Café are the sumptuous blended chickpea soup, plump, sweet prawns served with chilli oil, black squid-ink pasta mixed with white squid seasoned with red chilli slices and the sausage and broccoli pizza. These are just a few of the dishes that have been gaining glowing praise from diners who have so far enjoyed the opportunity to dine at the restaurant.

L'Anima Café, London

According to chef Francesco, his philosophy and passion for food has been slowly cultivating since his childhood in Italy, along with his developing culinary skills as a result of his time working for some the most renowned restaurants across the world. During those years, Chef Francesco philosophy was to prepare tasty, but simple food, served in simple, but welcoming surroundings. A formula which worked well in the L’Anima, seeing the restaurant win a number of awards over the years for their genuine Italian cuisine. There is no reason to expect anything less at the L’Anima Café, situated at number ten, Appold Street, in the very heart of the city of London.

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