Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Jaguar Land Rover brings you the” Virtual Windscreen”

Jaguar Land Rover brings you the” Virtual Windscreen”

Thanks to an increased awareness of the need to enhance performance driving and reduce distraction most of the world’s leading car manufacturers are investing heavily in research to find the ideal tools to arrive at the school.

One of the was leading luxury car manufacturers Jaguar Land Rover have taken the lead in this initiative with the launch of their ‘Jaguar Virtual Windscreen’ concept, which they claim will help the driver achieve improved standards, both in road and track driving.

With their latest innovation Jaguar Land Rover provide the driver with constant information on potential hazards, navigation and other data as well as their current state; with that information projected onto the car’s windscreen in a virtual a 3D image gesture controlled instrument cluster, which will even go as far as replacing the rear view mirror.

In order to be able to take full advantage of the information generated by the “Virtual Windscreen”, Jaguar Land Rover are reportedly in the advanced stages of developing gesture control which uses what they describe as “E-Field Sensing”, based around the latest developments in capacitive discharge touch screens which promises to provide much greater accuracy than ever before, through the company’s system capability of system increasing the sensory field to around 15cm, which allow for accurately tracking and interpreting the driver’s gestures.

According to Jaguar Land Rover, their “Virtual Windscreen”, is only one of a few new and exciting cutting-edge technologies designed that they are working on, which when released, will considerably enhance the driving experience.

Another innovation that the Birmingham-based car giant is working on is “Smart Assistant”. With the Smart Assistant installed, Jaguars and Land Rovers of the future, will be programmed to recognise different drivers and learn and adjust to the individual driving and comfort preferences. In addition, the Smart Assistant will be capable of scanning the driver’s Smartphone and remind them, through a phone or text alert, of important events due to take place during the day or even in the next few minutes.

Smart Assistant is envisaged to be capable of recognising each authorised driver through their Smartphone. Once that individual driver has been identified through the process of opening the drivers door, the Smart Assistant will swing into action, adjusting the car’s mirrors, steering wheel and driver’s seat to their favorite positions, going as far as adjusting the car’s interior temperature to suit the driver’s preferences in line with the current weather conditions.

The smart assistant will also be programmed to be intuitive enough to predict a driver’s destination based on a combination of their business schedule and previous journey, and will be capable of presenting a navigation schedule that will allow the driver to get in and drive, with a satellite navigation system taking care of the rest.

While all of these new developments are for the future, in the meantime Jaguar Land Rover is not doing too badly, having recently reported their strongest half year sales performance in their history, selling 240,372 vehicles in the first half of 2014, up 14% from the same period last year, more vehicles than in the whole year of 2010.

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