Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

Interactive Restaurant Technology takes the waiter out of waiting

Interactive Restaurant Technology takes the waiter out of waiting

Any business traveller who has faced the frustration waiting for a waiter to acknowledge their presence in a restaurant, or even worse not understanding the menu when it does arrive, will be pleased to discover the latest developments in Interactive Restaurant Technology (IRT) which will make life so much easier for them.

Interactive Restaurant Technology (IRT) has been designed to largely replaces human waiters and menus, at least at the ordering stage, and replace them with a multitouch menu embedded in the actual dining table.

Designed and produced by software company Kodisoft, IRT allows its users to view the menu in a wide range of European languages. Once the language has been selected, then the interactive menu displays close range photographs detailed information on all the dishes on the menu, ranging from starters to main courses to desserts as well as cold and hot drinks.

Once the customer has settled on which dishes they would like all that is required is entered details through the table’s touchscreen display, and their order is instantly dispatched to the kitchen.

And even while waiting for their food to arrive, restaurant patrons can use the embedded computer in their table to catch up with the latest news, or surf the web.

Although it is a fairly new concept, IRT is already in use in two restaurants with satisfying results while a number of others already in the pipeline to incorporate the system into their business. Other developments that Kodisoft are working on is to provide their system with the ability to returning customers, simply by placing their Smartphone on the table, which means that it will be capable of recommending dishes or drinks based on their previous orders.

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