Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

In times of trouble GoTenna will keep you connected

In times of trouble GoTenna will keep you connected

Nowadays, one of the greatest fears of most people when on a long-distance trip is being cut off from their lines of communication, either business or family.

Now, with the introduction of a smart connection device that goes by the name of GoTenna, the chances of being unable to make contact have been reduced considerably.

The GoTenna is a compact device which will easily fit into the pocket of a briefcase or jacket. When called into action it acts as a form of two-way radio capable of rapidly making connection with any Android or iOS device using Bluetooth.

For technology buffs, GoTenna effectively takes the place of the finely crafted radio receiver integrated into the design of the rest of the modern Smartphone. To be used only in cases of emergency, the current version will only be capable of communicating with other devices which are also fitted with the same piece of equipment. As this piece of hardware can only operate on low bandwidth, those wishing to make contact with home or office colleagues are limited to sending text messages.

On the upside, the device will be capable of sending messages irrespective of location or lack of access to either cellular or Wi-Fi facilities. The GoTenna comes with a couple of important security options, which are end-to-end message encryption as well as the option to set up a particular text message to self-destruct.

The GoTenna, for obvious reasons, are sold in pairs and are both waterproof and dust-tight, making them an ideal piece of equipment to have along with any business trip. Coming with a micro-USB-based rechargeable lithium ion battery it will last without charge for 72 hours as long as it is switched on and off between use. If it is left on continuously the battery will lose its charge in less than half that time.

The concept was developed by brother and sister team working out of New York and is still in its Kickstarter stage. According to the developers the whole purpose of GoTenna is to provide the ability to make contact during times of emergency where conventional methods of digital communication are temporarily unavailable.

Consumers can pre-order their unit now for a special discounted price with the first batch due to be released during the autumn of this year.

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