Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

IBM to invest $3 billion in future chip technology

IBM to invest $3 billion in future chip technology

One of the original pioneers of the hardware generation IBM have announced their plans to invest up to $3 billion investment in research and development for the new generation of chip technology, which will keep the company in the forefront of semiconductor innovation for the future.

IBM’s multi-billion investment plan, which will be staged over the next five years, will be based on the company’s efforts to develop silicon technology that will be “nanometer and beyond” while at the same time looking at the development of alternative technologies in the post-silicon era.

To keep pace with their project IBM have announced that they will be assembling a teams of in-house research scientists, who will work alongside engineers from around the world. IBM plan to invest heavily in areas such as quantum and cognitive computing, carbon nanoelectronics, Silicon Photonics as well as a series of new memory technologies.

According to a statement issued by IBM, the company’s initial goal will be to scale semiconductor size from the current standard of 22 nanometers down to 10 nanometers, a target that they expect to complete within the next several years, eventually reaching a minimum of seven nanometers by the end of the decade.

IBM went on to explain in their statement that their current team of engineers and scientists are already working on the materials to grow cloud, big data, and cognitive systems, with the new investment destined to ensure that the company produce foundations on which the innovations to meet challenges for the future will rest upon.

Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president of the IBM Systems and Technology Group went on to predict that in the next 10 years computing hardware systems will be fundamentally different as our scientists and engineers push the limits of semiconductor innovations to explore the post-silicon future.

“IBM Research and Development teams are creating breakthrough innovations that will fuel the next era of computing systems.” summed up Rosamilia.

Analysts dealing in technology research, remarking on IBM’s plans for the future director, have stated that the company is one of a very few who has repeatedly demonstrated this level of science and engineering expertise in the past, and there is no reason why this should not continue well into the future.

IBM announced their plans earlier this year to invest $1 billion in development and research within its Watson Group subsidiary, with the investment focussing on bringing cloud-based apps and services to the public.

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