Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Hotel Hugo opens in the heart of NYC – and a lot earlier than expected

Hotel Hugo opens in the heart of NYC – and a lot earlier than expected

The last few months have witnessed a lot of activity around Greenwich Street, situated in the little-known suburb of London, in the ever trendy area between SoHo and the Hudson Square in New York City.

All that effort has gone into making sure that the historical Hotel Hugo would finish its entire refurbishment a few months ahead of schedule, providing a great place to stay for those looking for a taste of the old New York, and in the very heart of Lower Manhattan.

All of the design work for the Hotel Hugo was carried out by by renowned architect Marcello Pozzi, who apparently derived his inspiration from the building, and indeed the area that surrounds it somewhat spartan commercial atmosphere.

Pozzi has turned that possible disadvantage into an advantage, designing Hotel Hugo’s 122 guest rooms and suites with a resonance reminiscent of a bygone era. Much use is made of custom wood furnishings with a strong smattering of retro industrial chic light fixtures, which delightfully combine to create an atmosphere that ideally between a corporate hotel and a boutique setting.

All through the Hugo’s public areas the same theme has been continued again drawing inspiration from the neighborhood’s early 20th century heritage, with one of the hotel’s most outstanding features being its glass-enclosed rooftop bar and lounge, the aptly entitled Bar Hugo, which promises to provide uninterrupted views of this particularly bustling and cosmopolitan part of the Big Apple.

The Hugo’s in-house restaurant, the Il Principe which will be serving the finest in Italian cuisine, is giving every indication that it will be a shining star in the rising constellation of places to dine in and around Hudson Square, with Executive Chef Carlo Bigi already well-known in the city for his ability to create delicious traditional dishes with a genuine taste of Italy.

The hotel has plans to serve breakfast from 7 to 11 am, opening again in the evenings from 5 pm to midnight, where guests or even some of the area celebrity locals can enjoy their meal indoors, and, weather permitting, on the Greenwich Street sidewalk outside the hotel.

For those interested in hosting a special dinner party, can rent the Hotel Hugo’s. A private dining room, which features a lush vertical garden wall. Anyone interested in hosting a business meeting in Lower Manhattan, should also add the Hotel Hugo to the list of possibilities with the hotel offering facilities to host small meetings for up to 30 guests, with all of the most modern facilities.

With the opening of the Hotel Hugo a lot earlier than expected, visitors to New York can enjoy staying in what looks like being one of the city’s more interesting hotels. However, be warned, it’s not for someone working on a tight budget.

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