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Hedone in London- worth seeking out

Hedone in London- worth seeking out

For the business traveller who find themselves in London looking for somewhere relatively inexpensive yet interesting and unusual to dine out, then a visit to privately ownedHedone Restaurant, situated a half-hour tube ride to slightly outside the inner circle of London in the suburb of Chiswick should turn out to be a wise investment.

From its exterior, you could gain a mistaken first impression of Hedone, with outer facade of the building being at best described as “unpretentious”and dislocation even more so being situated at the “unfashionable” end of the Chiswick High Road.

Yet once you set foot through the front door everything changes, although décor at the Hedone, from the Greek word that loosely translates into “pleasure” the decor itself could hardly be described as over the top, with exposed brick walls and an open kitchen being its focal point.

It’s only when you get down to scanning the menu does the discerning diner begin to realise that they may have hit upon something special. To begin with, the restaurant, for the budget conscious, does not have an a la carte option. Regular clients will have love long since comes to the terms with the fact that the dish they enjoyed last time around may not even feature on the menu on their current visit as the Hedone restaurant’s chef and owner Michael Jonsson is constantly updating the menu, usually on a weekly basis.

The reason for the change is thatJonsson bases his menu almost entirely of around which particular ingredients are all the highest quality on the market on any particular season, an approach taken from the practice adopted by some of the world’s leading restaurants.

What makes Hedone and its chef and owner Michael Jonsson so much more interesting than any run-of-the-mill restaurants is that Jonsson describes himself as not only a conventional chef, despite the fact that he completed his training in the art many years ago in his home country of Sweden, before making a major career switch and becoming a lawyer, whilst never losing his passion for food.

After a number of years Jonsson founded what went on to become one of the most influential culinary blogs, the Gastroville, while at the same time posturing his chosen profession of ingredient sourcing.

Michael Jonsson has long been convinced that in order to prepare the greatest meals it was of tantamount importance to begin with the famous of ingredients, and when he opened the Hedone restaurant in 2011 is his relentless focus on the highest quality ingredients.

Before he opened Hedone, Michael reportedly spent more than a year travelling the length and breadth of the United Kingdom searching out suppliers for the restaurant, and when he failed to source the ingredients that he needed in the British Isles he spread his network to mainland Europe to ensure that the best products and the finest cooking will always be available for visitors to the restaurant .

Awarded a Michelin Star in the 2013 Michelin Guide, the Hedone Restaurant in 301 Chiswick High Road, London is recognised as being the 63rd Best Restaurant in the World by the World’s 50 best jury 2014.

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