Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

Heathrow’s new Terminal Two opens for business

Heathrow's new Terminal Two opens for business

After a long running in period, with lessons obviously having been learned from the chaotic opening of Terminal 5 in March 2008, the gates of the sparkling new terminal at Heathrow Airport opened early on Wednesday 4th June to signal the start of a new era in British flying.

This time around Heathrow, will not be rushed with both feet as they did with Terminal 5, but instead will be staggering the move of airlines to Terminal 2 in steps over the next few months; United Airlines were picked out to be the first carrier to operate UK to and from Terminal Two, with the first flight to pass through the terminal landing from Chicago with considerable accolade and not a hint of the multitude of technical problems that turned the opening of Terminal 5 into a major source of discomfort for the airport’s management. This time around, no chances were being taken with just 10% of Terminal Two’s intended maximum capacity being utilised on day one, from 34 flights carrying 6,000 passengers, to its planned maximum 330 flights a day arriving from 50 destinations through 26 airlines, handling 20 million passengers annually.

Heathrow Airport’s Terminal Two, built at a cost of £2.5 billion ($3.8 billion) will be known as the Queen’s Terminal, as it was constructed to replace the Airport’s very first passenger terminal, which was declared open by her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth in 1955, just three years after she ascended to the throne. Now 59 years later, Queen Elizabeth is scheduled to return to the brand new terminal on June the 23rd to declare it officially open.

The new terminal will offer passengers the best and most modern of amenities, up to and including its own department store, a part of the John Lewis chain, as one 33 leading high street retailers including as Cath Kidston, Ted Baker and Burberry.

For those who wish to grab a snack, a drink or a meal before their flight, Terminal Two will offer the choice of 17 food and drink outlets to suit every taste and budget, with one of them being renowned UK restauranteur Heston Blumenthal, first entry into feeding frequent fliers, under the aptly entitled The Perfectionists’ Café, in the image of Blumenthal’s television program “In Search of Perfection.”

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