Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

Google wants us to part with our cash

No one can ever accuse the Google development team of not being forward thinking but one of their most recent innovations, when it gets up and running, looks like it will be forever changing the way that we conduct our day to day transactions.

For a number of years now, technological experts have been telling us that cash money is on its way out and that even the most minor of transactions will be made by credit card. However the boys and girls at Google have taken this thinking just a step or two further with the launch of their “Google Walletapplication.

Business travellers will surely welcome the promise that the Google Wallet appears to offer. And offer seems the right word as the operating system in the Google Wallet allows holders to store virtual coupons that can be automatically cashed in against future purchases at your favorite coffee bar, restaurant, hotel, filling station and so on. A big plus!

The other major plus seems to be that there will never be a need to swipe your credit card again or pull a few bills from your conventional wallet or grubby coins from your pocket. With the Google Wallet all that will be required is to hold your smart phone, in which contains the Google wallet app, in front of a computer monitor and the transaction will take place. Up to a certain amount you don’t even have to put your squiggle on the paper, all you need to do to seal the deal is punch in your individual key number.

The Google Wallet is designed to allow those who use it to easily keep track of their transactions as well as their current credit balance, another big plus for the business traveler who may not have access to a computer and needs to keep track of their expenses.

Currently available on Sprint phones and compatible with MasterCard’s PayPass terminals, the Google Wallet is still at its running in stage. However if it develops as Google hope it should it could sound a final death knell to the sound of coins jingling in our pockets.

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