Monday - Aug 21, 2017

For the business traveller who needs to know- A conference on business travel!

As any self respecting business traveller will tell you, taking the issue of getting from point A to point B lightly can, more often than not, lead to disaster. Like the famous story of the pea under the mattress, one simple glitch can have a knock on effect that will cause a major appointment to be missed or arrived at in less than prime condition and completely unfocused for the task ahead.

That’s why business travellers who rate themselves as professional constantly keep their ear to the ground for all the latest developments that will make their journeys less of a strain and allow them to arrive in time and in full focus when they arrive to meet what could be or may already be a very important client.

So for those who need to know when the Travel Innovation Summit comes round on November 15th in Hollywood, Florida USA, they are either bound to be attendance or actually awaiting to hear what the latest innovations in travel technology will be unveiled there.

And this is no ordinary summit! For a start there will be no live speakers. Instead each one of the thirty travel companies, who will be represented at the summit, will not be speaking about their company in an “about us” mode. Instead the summit organizers, PhoCusWright, have insisted on a new approach, where each company representative will physically demonstrate the products or services that they offer to the business travel sector.

PhoCusWright believe that this new approach to presentation will bridge the gap between a speaker, sometimes knowledgeable but lacking in charisma and presentation skills, to build a stronger bridge to his audience. While this looks like a daunting task for many, PhoCusWright have reported a very positive response from the thirty companies who will be on the podium, especially as, due to the personal nature of the summit they will also be given the opportunity to meet with individual members of the audience to discuss mutual cooperation and receive feedback on their product or service.

In addition the winners of the ballot for the best innovation award at the summit will receive the prestigious DEMO Award for Travel Innovation.

So it looks very like a win-win situation for all those attending the Travel Innovation Summit, innovators and their audience alike.

Photo credits: PhoCusWright

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