Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Flight+ continue to earn kudos

Flight+ continue to earn kudos through providing a valuable service for the business traveller

One of the biggest fears of any business traveller is not being informed if their flight is delayed with all the possibilities of knock-on effects that that situation can bring.

However, over the last few years the upsets and confusion caused by flight delays has been considerably diminished thanks to the release of Flight+, described by those in the know as the ultimate flight-tracking app.

Since its release in 2012 the Flight+ app has considerably improved the lot of the business travellers to its ability to provide up-to-date details on all airline routes, departure and arrival times, seat maps, as well as a number of other important features, delivered in a super user-friendly tabbed layout. Flight+ now covers more than 16,000 airports as well as providing details on traffic from every major carrier around the globe

The app was specifically developed to make life easier for anyone who spends their time on the move, by International Airport Flight Track Technologies, which works equally well with either Apple’s iPhone and iPad and comes at the cost of just a few dollar subscriptions every month, making for a very worthwhile investment for the business traveler.

It allows for the tracking and monitoring of individual airline flights irrespective whether they are currently en route, have yet to depart, or have already arrived.

Once a particular flight has been selected, the potential passenger is then exposed to all of the relevant information regarding their flight, including its scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, as well as terminal and gate information for arrivals and departures.

Those mapping the details of a flight that is about to arrive will enjoy the added feature of a detailed map of the flight’s approximate position in the skies. Those who are about to embark on a flight will be able to take advantage of being provided with details of the weather conditions as well as current time in the two cities, as well as a list of other features designed to make life as simple as possible for the business traveller up to and including a photo of the terminal building.

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