Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

Facebook wants to listen to your favorite television programmes while Google wants to advertise on your refrigerator

Facebook wants to listen to your favorite television programmes

With an open-ended battle going on for every advertising dollar, social media giant Facebook and search engine superpower Google appears to be investigating every conceivable angle to reach the consumer.

The latest new string to the Facebook bow is a new feature that will allow members of the public to give access to their Smartphone microphone, and allow identification of any TV show or movie company airing on one of 160 talk TV channels. The same service also allows users to identify any songs playing and kick-off any post with the opening title of the song and then follow-up with a 30-second snippet.

Onlookers observe that this is Facebook most recent salvo in a non-growing effort to capture an increased share of the lucrative market for social-TV conversations, whilst convincing potential advertisers that they are also capable of coming up with more attractive second-screen alternatives than that of Twitter, who are becoming increasingly active in this field, having invested in acquiring a number of of social-TV analytics companies including SecondSync, Bluefin Labs and Trendrr.

Despite this relatively heavy investment, especially for Twitter who have nowhere near the same cash reserves as Facebook, the online micro-blogging network is yet to introduce an audio-matching feature.

Facebook’s new Smartphone audio-matching feature is due to become active, initially in the U.S. on Android and iOS devices within the next few weeks. Those who want to take advantage of the service, will initially have to activate it, after which the app will automatically attempt to find a match of a song, TV show or movie playing in the background, well the phone’s owner simultaneously writes a status update. For those who don’t want to be constantly listened in to, the application can be temporarily or permanently disabled through pressing a button, conveniently situated on the upper-right corner of a phone’s screen.

With competition for the largely untapped market for second-screen ad dollars becoming hotter by the day, with Tumblr, another major rival in the social media world, also fighting hard for their share, the boys at Facebook are pressing full steam ahead to stake their claim.

Meanwhile, advertising income from another even more unusual source may be heading Google’s way within the next few years, with the company making considerable inroads in creating advertising platforms which can be transmitted onto Internet linked domestic appliances, such as central heating thermostats, refrigerators and even clocks and watches, with the next stage after that possibly being on digitally driven car dashboards.

With an increasingly growing number of the devices now capable of being connected to the Internet, according to Google they could all be future if there are legitimate targets for the company to advertise category linked products and services through the vast advertising network.

With recent reports showing that close to 13 billion wireless devices are already connected to the Internet in the United States alone, not only televisions, but also refrigerators, microwaves, irrigation systems and air conditioners to name but a few the market potential seems unlimited.

With Google recently having created something of a fuss when they acquired Nest, who manufacture Internet enabled thermostats, those who wondered why are now beginning to pick up a much clearer picture.

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