Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Facebook seem to be deepening its ability to target adverts

Facebook seem to be deepening its ability to target adverts

Facebook, whose income from online advertising just keeps growing and growing, has found other means of extracting maximum revenue from there close to 1.4 billion subscribers; through the development of a sophisticated data tracking system capable of displaying which sites their subscribers visit in addition to the Facebook site.

This valuable source of subscriber information will now enable the social media giant to scrutinise their subscribers entire search histories as well as the time each of them spends browsing sites, especially those dealing in commerce, to more accurately position specific advertising when their subscriber next logs into Facebook.

To increase their revenues by being even more attractive to potential advertisers, Facebook will be able to take an even more detailed profile of each user, with the company having committed to making this information available for all advertisers, potential or current, to use.

A spokesperson for Facebook explained that the company had developed the system in response to user requests to tailor adverts to them personally, and that is more relevant to their interests.

Facebook’s revelation, as may have been expected, has once again raised the specter of infringement of subscriber’s privacy, an uncomfortable situation which led to the social media giant adapting their privacy policies during May to make them easier to control.

Facebook has also constantly emphasised the fact that the subscriber always has the option to not participate in the practice of advertising tracking.

In the future, Facebook users will also be able to easily view information on their current surfing profile, through a function on the site that explains why they are seeing a specific advert, as well as allowing them to make changes to the list, to add or remove details of products and services that they might or might not be interested in receiving.

Facebook are known to have among the most sophisticated targeting capabilities of any social network at their disposal, along with the world’s largest user base, a winning combination which has gone a long way to pushing their earnings significantly higher than the most cynical economic analyst’s expectations for the last four quarters.

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