Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Eurostar to increase their European network

Eurostar to increase their European network

The good news for European business travellers that prefer to keep their feet on the ground is that over the coming years, Eurostar, the company that operates rail services between the UK and mainland Europe through the channel tunnel are planning an ambitious development program that will soon see their destination network increased by ten more cities within four European countries, with the program due to be completed in stages over the next five years.

From their base at St Pancras Railway Station in the heart of London, Eurostar will now send their trains into the business and commercial centres of Germany, France, Switzerland and Holland, providing their passengers with a comfortable and reliable alternative to domestic airlines.

Eurostar whose high speed train service between London, Paris and Brussels have been active for close to twenty years have earned the approval of business travellers by cutting travel times to an absolute minimum and are looking to expand their success with these new routes, while air traffic to the British capital and business center becomes increasingly expensive and congested.

On the Paris-London and Paris-Brussels routes, Eurostar are reckoned to hold an eighty percent of the market, with close to ten million passengers travelling with the company annually. This figure has risen dramatically since Eurostar’s last major expansion five years ago that saw the high speed rail line opened in the Channel Tunnel as well as a total refurbishment of their St Pancras International terminus.

A spokesperson for Eurostar announced that due to the increase in competition driven, by an increase in liberalization in the European rail markets, the company now intends to capitalise on their success by launching an expanded rail service taking in such major European cities as Amsterdam, Lyon, Marseille, Geneva, Frankfurt and Cologne.

The growth of rail travel to and from mainland Europe is also likely to dramatically increase with the news that Deutsche Bahn, as well as another, yet unnamed major European rail company, are due to be sending their trains through the tunnel within the next few years.

Just as aircraft seem to be getting larger all the time, the same applies to trains, with Eurostar’s due to take delivery of ten new passenger trains from Siemens of Germany, due to be pressed into service from 2014, while Eurostar’s original fleet of 27 French made Alstom trains, are due to be refurbished in the next two to three years.

Thanks to Eurostar, It looks like rail travel will be putting up a real struggle to shake of its poor relation status over the next few years.

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