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The Entrecote Café de Paris

The Entrecote Cafe de Paris

Located in the very heart of Kolonaki, one of the most elegant districts in Athens, Greece, the well-known, historical music restaurant the “ATHINEA”, owned by Argyris  Papargyropoulos was recently given a new lease of life as it transformed itself into the “ENTRECOTE CAFE DE PARIS.”

The Entrecote Cafe de ParisColloborating with Argyris Papargyropoulos, Vassilis Constantindes, a former member of the popular 60s and 70s group, “The Idols” has brought his considerable expertise as a restauranter to Kolonaki. Vassilis was the first to bring Entrecote Cafe De Paris to Greece after successfully running the same restaurant in London along with the Cafe Bordeaux in Shaftsbury Avenue. Apart from being a much respected musician, he is internationally well-known for creating sumptuous a la carte menus and exclusive French and Swiss sauces. And so it is here, at the Entrecote Cafe De Paris, where he combines his passion for fine cuisine, along with his love for music by performing many of his fan’s favorite pop and rock hits on stage.

The Entrecote Cafe de ParisThe newly refurbished French restaurant has still maintained its classic setting, adding however, a luxurious contemporary twist. Plush red fabric chairs and soft couches, soft lights and a chic glossy bar stretches along a backdrop of kaleidoscopic bottles behind the tables. There is an intimate atmosphere making it an ideal gathering place for sophisticated downtown socializing, dining and celebrations. There is also outdoor seating for the summer months.

It is hardly surprising then, that on the restaurant’s recent grand opening, on October 8th, he was guaranteed a full house, after reservations for tables had been made weeks in advance. The attractive dining room was jam-packed with family, friends and a great number of people in show-biz: actress & singer, ZwZw Sapountzaki, fashion designer, Nikos Apostolopoulos, entertainer, Takis Zaxaratos, actor, screenwriter & director, Alexandros Rigas, actor & director, Renos Charalambidis, police reporter and TV show presenter, Aggeliki Nikolouli, and journalist and publisher, Makis Triantafyllopoulos, and “DAKIS, who made a guest appearance, performing on stage, to name a few.

The grand event was without a doubt a proud moment for everyone who had frequented the “ATHINEA” in past times and for everyone involved in the opening of the “ENTRECOTE CAFE DE PARIS.” But for Vassilis Constantindes, I expect it was having his close family seated at a nearby table and his talented son, “DREW”, also a popular rap star enjoying watching another of his phenomenal successes.

The Entrecote Cafe de Paris

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