Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Emirates reported to be reconsidering their Airbus A350 cancellation

Emirates reported to be reconsidering their Airbus A350 cancellation

According to reports coming out of the aviation industry, Emirates Airlines are seriously reconsidering reinstating their order to Anglo-French aircraft manufacturer Airbus for 70 A350 aircraft which they put on hold just a few weeks ago.

The Emirates cancellation was seen throughout the industry as a serious blow for Airbus, which had been in the pipeline for the last seven years, and was estimated to be worth around $16 billion at that time. Especially damaging to Airbus’s reputation was the fact that Emirates were considering ordering Boeing Dreamliner jets in their place.

The fact that Emirates, one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing airlines had placed such a massive order, showing their confidence in the A350 added tremendous credibility to the new aircraft, and the airline’s decision not to proceed was a serious blow the Toulouse-based aircraft maker, as well as making for their largest ever cancellation. On the news of the cancellation shares, in Airbus took a major tumble, as did those of Rolls-Royce, who were scheduled to produce the A350’s massive jet’s engines.

The news of the possible reinstatement of the order came from Tim Clark, the Emirates’ President, who released to the press the airline’s decision to reopen discussions, both with Airbus and Boeing either late in 2014 or early next year, where they will reconsider in their entirety, regarding the merits of both the A350 or the Dreamliner.

According to reports, the Dubai-based carrier are revaluing the whole situation regarded the use of these massive twin-engine jets, which are capable of flying on regional routes in the Middle East, as well as onwards to the major countries of Africa.

For the time being, anything is possible, with the fiercely contested battle that went on between Airbus and Boeing for such a valuable prestigious order is very much still on.

Although the Emirates’ airline management have never made their reasons public as to why they decided to cancel their order for the 70 A350’s, there was some speculation that the airline had some obviously serious concerns regarding the jet’s specification and performance.

Emirates’ decision to discuss reinstatement of the order may come after they were given a reminder of the pitfalls that can be experienced with untested aircraft, following the problems encountered by some of the ailing compatriots with Boeing’s Dreamliner, meaning that the entire fleet was temporarily grounded after batteries busted into the flames on two aircraft, only receiving the go-ahead to fly again after considerable design were subsequently carried out according to the specification of international flight regulators.

Both the A350 and the Dreamliner are recognised as being the front-runners in the new generation of aircraft technology, constructed mainly from lightweight carbon composites rather than traditional aluminium, which considerably reduces fuel consumption.

Emirates is the world’s largest operator of Airbus A380 Superjumbo, as well as Boeing’s 777 wide-body jet, which are most suitable for long-haul routes.

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